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When you are searching for a specific product or service, do you look at reviews before making a purchasing decision? Has your opinion ever been changed due to a series of reviews—good or bad? Having reviews of your product or service left by happy customers helps attract new customers in a way that is invaluable. However, the problem often lies with clients failing to leave a review in the first place.

How It Works

Getting customers to write online reviews on sites where they will be seen is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can do for your company. Reviews ultimately have a highly positive impact on your local listings, increasing search engine visibility. This all sounds great, but how exactly do we get you those reviews in the first place?

Locallogy’s Review Builder provides an easy and unobtrusive way to ask and remind customers to review your business on the sites that matter to you. We call it a “review funnel;” here’s how it works:
Locallogy Review Builder Funnel

Why You Need It

Online reviews work in waves. By getting online reviews from satisfied customers, your client base will flourish quickly. However, getting people to write those reviews is easier said than done. A case study done by Local Viewpoints uncovered two fundamental reasons why people don’t leave reviews. They conducted a survey of over 1,000 people who stated that they rarely or never write online reviews. The reasons were:
  • Writing reviews is too tedious
  • I forgot to write the reviews
Locallogy’s Review Builder overcomes these two obstacles by making the review process as frictionless as possible. We focus your customer on only one task: completing their review. We guide them to the best sites and give them just enough guidance on how to do it, dramatically increasing the chances of them leaving you a glowing review.

What You Get

When you work with Locallogy and utilize our customized Review Builder tool, you will experience three phases of online review functions:
  • “Leave Us a Review”: A personalized page that allows visitors to leave a review directly from your site. This shows all the preferred sites to write a review on, including industry specific websites (such as Home Advisor for a home renovation business). From there, clients are guided through the easy process of leaving a review, and offered the opportunity to contact you directly about a neutral or negative experience, eliminating negative reviews.
  • Review Invites: Your customized email campaign will send multiple reminder emails to clients asking them to write a review of your service. From the email, they will be directed to the “Leave Us a Review” page on your website. Additionally, you have the option to send them friendly reminders through other platforms, such as a post card.
  • Monthly Report: To show you how well the Review Builder is working for you, we will send you a monthly report detailing the number of negative, neutral and positive reviews of your business. You also have access to statistics on volume distribution, which details what websites people are leaving the most reviews on.
Having a lineup of positive reviews is one of the most useful tools your business can have. With these methods for customers to leave reviews on sites that matter most to your business, our Review Builder works to build your business’s reputation and manage your credibility. Isn’t it time you seize that power and put your name on the map? We think so. 
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