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Digital Marketing Experts at Locallogy

Meet The Locallogy Team

Our team is located both locally and internationally, which allows us to be flexible and work around the clock to help our clients succeed. Each one of our team members brings a unique set of skills and expertise to our organization. 


Clive is a co-founder of Locallogy and serves as its president. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company and planning future strategy and growth.


Bryan is a small business marketing expert and is passionate about helping local small business owners with their digital marketing and lead generation to produce a better than expected result.


Darren is a co-founder of Locallogy and serves as the chief information officer. An online marketing specialist, Darren has always had an intense fascination with computers and problem solving. 


Justin is part of the Sales Team and also handles Customer Service and Marketing. Working with people and giving them the tools to grow has always been a passion of Justin’s and it is what motivates him to help local businesses succeed.


Nick is a talented web developer and graphic designer, who provides design and development services, as well as project management, for Locallogy’s clients. 


Jackie is a writer and editor by nature, who has recently made her way into the digital marketing industry.  She loves the challenge of making a business more relatable and creating a personality behind a company through writing.


Kico is from a small town in Macedonia, in southeastern Europe. He graduated from European University in Macedonia with a bachelor degree in computer science engineering. He is currently the Project Manager and Client Support Manager at Locallogy.

Jeremy Bridges

Ms. Renaud was elected to the board after several years of working with the company. She is a trained medical scientist. 


Mr. Taylor has served as the Chair of the company since 2007 and is a lead director of several international groups and organizations. 
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