Showroom Showcase

Showroom Showcase

If your kitchen & bathroom remodeling company is looking to leverage both the money and time you have invested in your showroom by getting more prospects to visit, we have a unique solution for you. Our Showroom Showcase website feature allows visitors to view your services and conveniently book a visit with you directly from your website. One of the main purposes of your website is to entice leads to make an appointment with you and check out your work first hand, so shouldn’t you have a web page designed to do that job for you?

We have developed the Showroom Showcase as a way to highlight your work in a new way. This customizable tool utilizes various features to make your showroom look as professional and inviting as possible. By impressing people with your wide variety and superior services, our goal is to drive traffic and leads directly to your door.

What it is

The Locallogy Showroom Showcase is a standalone webpage system that can be added to virtually any existing website, or built into a new website we develop. In essence, it is a one-page “mini site” that is focused entirely on your in-store showroom. If you already have a basic showcase page, this tool will enhance your settings and bring your site to life.

The design of the Showroom Showcase will match your website's theme, navigation and imagery, creating a clean, fluid website. When clients can visually see what you have to offer, they feel more comfortable scheduling an appointment or coming to your store.

How it works

Nowadays, people want the best of both worlds: high quality and convenience. The Showroom Showcase allows you to provide both those luxuries to potential clients, letting people view your services from the comfort of their own homes.

Some of the unique elements included in our Showroom Showcase are:

Online Scheduling
Giving people the option to schedule an appointment through your website rather than calling and verbally setting up a visit takes the pressure off the client, allowing them to feel more comfortable about coming to your showroom. This feature is extremely powerful and can be customized to fit your existing sales process, while making it as easy as possible for both you and the prospect.

The online scheduling feature includes:
  • Calendar integration: integrates with your and your team’s Outlook, Google or Office 365 calendar to avoid conflicts and ensure you are never double-booked
  • Optimization for all devices: adaptable to various mobile devices, tablets or desktop computers
  • Time control settings: options to set buffer times between meetings, set meeting times for 24, 48 or 72 hours out, or only allow clients to schedule appointments at certain times/days
  • Appointment notifications: automatically emails clients confirmation and reminder emails
  • Easy-to-use interface: allows visitors to easily pick an available date and time to come in
One of the most important features customers look for on kitchen & bathroom remodeling websites is visual examples of your work. That’s why having a full gallery of photos is essential to gaining leads. When people see what you have to offer, they feel more comfortable about coming to your store in person. With a large collection of quality images, your work will sell itself.

Mobile Friendly
A recent trend we have seen is that more leads are coming from using the mobile versions of websites, rather than the desktop. Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial to gaining business, especially when it comes to filling out forms. People who visit the site on a mobile device are more likely to schedule an appointment through an online form, rather than calling from their phone. So having a strong website that performs on both a desktop and mobile device is a priority for driving leads.

Directions To Showroom
Providing directions to your showroom makes coming in to your store one step easier. We will add textual directions, as well as a Google Maps plug-in, so people can visually see where you are located. On the mobile site version, this allows them to link your location directly to their GPS for convenience.

Showroom Reviews
One of the best ways to show that your service is top-notch is by displaying positive customer reviews. Prospective clients know you will put on a good face to attract new customers, but hearing testimonials from other satisfied people makes them more confident that they are making the right choice to work with you. It shows that other people have really benefited from the experience and that your team is supportive and helpful.

Our unique Showroom Showcase will highlight your kitchen & bathroom remodeling services in a new, accessible way, driving more leads directly to your store.

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