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Mobile First Website Design To
Target Those On The Go Customers

Mobile websites are increasingly becoming more important no matter the business you have. Designing for mobile website takes knowledge and data in order to make informed decisions about how your mobile website should be laid out. A big mistake that many developers and designers do when they design mobile website is that they render the entire desktop in a mobile format. Unfortunately that hurts the overall mobile experience and you could be losing visitors in the process.

Content Hierarchy Is Key

In order to make a successful mobile version of your website, you need to look at the overall content and categorize it into 3-4 different levels depending on the amount of content you have on your desktop website. Once you have comprehensive list of content on your website, break down the content as follows
  • Level 1 - This level is for content that is highly critical to your overall website message. You cannot afford to remove this content or place it on a low traffic section of your website. This content is usually homepage content, service specific information and contact us information.
  • Level 2 - This level is for content that reinforces level 1 content but can be placed into subpages or into modules that are not featured. This content serves as a reinforcement or, in some cases, provides more in-depth details about the services you and your business provide.
  • Level 3 - This level is for content that should placed into subpages or considered a non-critical item which can be removed. This is generally reserved for in-content images, large format forms, and non-essential sub pages in order to keep the menu structure focused.
  • Level 4 - This is none critical items that should be removed in order to help mobile website experience such as rotating banners, side browser tabs and pop-ups.
The mobile website design process is unique as it only has been around for a few years and it keeps evolving as the market for mobile devices continues to expand. Locallogy is constantly researching and refining their design process to incorporate industry standard design techniques to better design mobile websites.
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