Who We Serve

Who We Serve

You’re a reputable business within your community and you have already developed a strong client base. Your quality of work speaks for itself, but could probably use a new marketing technique to get more leads coming into your showroom. That’s where we come in.

Our goal is to help established kitchen & bath remodeling companies like yours continue to thrive in your local community. You’ve already got the basics of a successful business down, and we want to help you flourish through a digital marketing approach. In essence, we serve K&B remodeling businesses that:
  • Have an outdated or nonexistent website
  • Are looking for higher quality product showcasing online 
  • Want to rank higher in search engine results 
  • Do not yet have a responsive mobile website
  • Continually strive to increase client list

How Your Business Will Grow

The first step was to build your business. The next step is to grow with more qualified leads, which we can accomplish through deliberate digital marketing and powerful website development. To further highlight your strengths and keep promoting your name to prospective clients, we will:
  • Design (or redesign) your website to showcase the high-quality work you are known for
  • Implement our customizable digital Showroom Showcase feature, which is designed to emphasize your services and entice leads to actually visit your store
  • Complete a comprehensive analysis of local competition and develop a tailored SEO strategy to surpass their search engine rankings
  • Create a strong mobile website so prospective clients have access to you in a new way
  • Rework your overall online presence to distinguish yourself and draw in more leads
These advanced strategies, combined with your drive to succeed, will soon make you an industry force to be reckoned with.

How It Works For You

A successful business is a fundamental necessity, but a successful website is a game changer. We work with you to figure out exactly what marketing strategies your business needs to have that extra edge over the competition. You’ve already done the work; let us promote your business and generate new clients who are looking for a kitchen & bath expert like you. Strong digital marketing will lead to better business when we:
  • Construct a website that reflects your success: When people see a professional and well-developed website, they know you mean business
  • Utilize the Showroom Showcase tool: With various features like online appointment scheduling and interactive gallery options, leads will be motivated to contact you immediately
  • Expand your already-established roster of clients: Be both the first and best option for buyers when they are looking for K&B remodeling services
No matter what your current marketing strategy looks like, we are here to strengthen your digital presence. Let us help you with what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.
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