What We Do

What We Do

We provide digital marketing services for kitchen & bath remodeling companies just like yours. Unlike other marketing firms, here, you are getting an agency that specializes in the kitchen & bath industry. With countless clients who have seen improvements in their remodeling sales, we know a thing or two about your business.

By choosing to work with us, you are already on the path to growing your business exponentially through strategic digital marketing. We develop and implement a plan to generate more business for you by:
  • Creating a digital marketing campaign tailored specifically to you
  • Targeting localized keywords to optimize search engine results in your city
  • Tracking analytics and sharing them with you in an understandable manner
  • Continually making necessary adjustments to keep driving leads to you
By using this proven technique, your business will quickly become more searchable and accessible to potential clients.

How do these work?

Together, tools like SEO, PPC, web design, analytics and reviews will break down who is coming to your site, what they’re looking at and how they got there. From there, adjustments can be made to ensure prospective clients are continuing to find your business. But how exactly do each of these work?

Website Design
First impressions are everything, which is why a clean, strategic website design is crucial to keeping people on your site and getting them to call or come in. Before prospective clients even see the high-quality services you offer, they’ll already have decided if you’re worth their time. An effective website shows them you are professional, personable and, above all, definitely worth their time.

Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is what makes your website appear on search engines like Google. Targeted language and specific keywords, along with continually developed links, allows your website to rank higher in search results, so people can easily find your business. If managed correctly, SEO can increase site traffic and leads.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) uses highly specialized search engine advertisements to target people currently looking for kitchen & bath remodeling businesses right in your area. You will be set up with PPC that puts you directly in front of consumers at the moment they’re ready to buy. This tool allows you to see results almost instantly.

Tracking the results of the above features will help measure your success and enable you to set goals to see continuous growth. Our easy-to-read analytics report will show you exactly what is and isn’t working for your website, and allows us to make necessary adjustments.

Review Builder
Think about it: you are more likely to choose a new mechanic with five-star reviews than one with three-star reviews. The same holds true for people researching kitchen & bath renovation companies. The Review Builder tool makes it easier for satisfied customers to rave about your services on various outlets like Facebook, Yelp and Google, in turn driving people to your site.

You take your business seriously, which is why you need a company that is seriously dedicated to marketing your company in a competitive and successful manner. Let us prove why these methods work and how you can get next-level results without sacrificing service quality.
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